September 6, 2009

2 cups of coffee

2 much wind in the air

Today I slept too much and didn’t come in until I had a screen printing date with my friend and boss Claire.

I just so happen to have another job where I work at a shared kitchen called La Cocina. This place is rad because it is an incubator kitchen for low income and immigrant women who want to start their own culinary based business. But enough out of my mouth you can read about them here.

Here at La Cocina I work for Claire. She’s a sweet, pretty Irish lady who makes sweet artisan Irish treats. If you came to our opening at the gala we were serving these sweet delicious treats and you probably got to try them. We specifically served mini Claires squares which is an Irish shortbread with caramel and chocolate on top. Yum! She makes other things as well if you want to peek at them here. Claire and La Cocina have also been a big help in us starting this business as they’ve provided advice and direction to resources. Thanks!

Anywho, today Claire and I screen printed t-shirts for her business and it was really fun. We drank wine and talked about the basement workshop and dreamed about the future classes it has the potential to hold. Once I get it better organized and lit. We got a lot done check it out!




After this, the ladies and I had our weekly meeting. We started off with delicious dinner with our new friend Jake who we met at our opening. And also a bottle of champagne we met at the opening as well…oops.