Interactions and [more] Invitations

Sunny, chance of repeat music, 3-4 cups of coffee?

Remember how our invitations had twenty-five steps involved in the process??  We’re like that… we like things that are involved.  Making hats for example, that’s a pretty involved process.  Anyway, I’m here to extend a few more invitations to you:

#1. Come visit us and enjoy a nice refreshing glass of cucumber or lemon water and some freshly brewed organic, fair-trade coffee.  We’re open Tuesday through Sunday, 11 a.m.- 7 p.m. at 6128 Geary Blvd.

#2. Bring your pets by with you to visit.  We have a communicative cat and a perky parrot to share with you.  We met a precious poodle named mookie this afternoon.

#3. Start dressing up just because it’s fun.  Wear more collared shirts, slacks, ties, dresses, pearl necklaces, etc.  Dressing up now will prepare you for the purchase of your lovely hat that inspires formal attire without even trying.  I sold a hat to my friend Cameron yesterday and mentioned that it was time to start dressing up.  In his t-shirt, he politely disagreed.  I ran into him this morning on the street wearing a collared shirt that was coordinated with his straw hat. It only took him a day to catch on… What a smart guy!

#4.  Donate records to us.  We are looking for anything classy, sassy, snazzy, or jazzy.  If you have any records you don’t need or just don’t love as much as you used to, we’ll take them!

Oh, and we’re still collecting Queen of Heart cards as well…