Driftwood Hats?

Friday September 5th  Cloudy great chance for some sunshine

1 cup of coffee

This is my friend Chris.  I’ve known Chris for 3 years. He grew up in the Richmond District. Micheal Harris even remembers a young Chris coming into the shop asking questions, telling stories or looking for some yard work (all things that Chris excels at).

This is a Driftwood Hat that Chris made.

This is a Driftwood Hat that Chris made.

Most people in the neighborhood know Chris.  I know Chris to be   the reason why I am in this communnity.  I met Chris one Halloween night.  I had heard about a Haunted House on 22nd and California and so I went with a few friends.  As it turned out, we were late and the Haunted House was over, but there was an after party happening, and I was still able to go through the rooms and meet the people that put this spook house on. Chris was the first i met. He offered me a beer and didn’t stop talking.  I want to thank Big Chris. His favorite number is  44.  So here are 44 reason to Love this guy:

Sorry about the sideways view. I've spent 20 minutes trying to correct it. No luck!

Sorry about the sideways view. I've spent 20 minutes trying to correct it. No luck!

1. For this drift wood hat

2. for the drift wood hut!

3. simply for his love of drift wood

4.  fresh roses

5fresh roses

6. fresh roses

7.fresh roses

8. rosemary

9. Hiroshi

10. Alex Darr


12. ability to get people to show up and help.

13. resources. This man brings me some good stuff

14. his love for dogs

15. his love for flowers

16. he rides a bike

17 he waters our garden

18. he brings us plants for the garden.

19. delivers everything on his bike.

20. he has good stories.

21. he is good company.

22. he loves to help people.

23. for introducing me to the cowboy.

24.his hard work.

25. for ripping up carpet in the hat shop.

26. for his smile.

27. i”ve never seen him angry

28. good company

29. generous

30.2 golden pumpkins

31. 1 pot of grass

32. that i have 12 more

33. his repeat story

34.his rosy cheeks

35. haunted houses

36. love for gardens

37. helping people find work.

38.  always talking to somebody

39. talks about different places

40. smile

41. smile

42. smile

43. smile

44.he is my friend