Tall ladders and ViceGrips

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Clear skies, warm evening projected movie on the horizon/the wall in the back yard.

We here in San Francisco live in a city with older buildings. Tall building; tall buildings with tall ceilings.

Since becoming a resident of tall ceilings I am no longer capable of residing in short buildings or buildings with short ceilings.

It’s a tragedy really, makes apartment hunting rather glum, especially now that renting a garage has become rather popular in the neighborhood.

Hmm…perhaps that is why there is never any parking in this neighborhood either..no more garages. But I digress.

I’m here to talk about one tall thing in my tall building. A short time ago we had a tall friend stop by who likes tall things. He talks about tall things all the time here http://giantamongmen.blogspot.com/. So tomorrow when I am not talking about tall things go visit him.

Alas. I’ve been trying to replace a light fixture in the ceiling of my high ceiling-ed shop. A downfall of the light fixture that so well flatters my tall walls is my ability to reach it. Tragically this light is at the tipton of the building. No matter how much I stretch or how many chairs I stack upon one another I can never quite reach it. To the rescue today zoomed my father and his twelve foot ‘A’ frame ladder. The base of this ladder when extended is a whole eight feet! I don’t know what sort of Mary Poppins carpet bag he carries this thing around in but somehow he was able to bring it to the shop. Its legs were quite tall and slender and it narrowed gracefully up past the hat block shelving towards the ceiling. Here with a few twists and a little electrical tape we created light. Light as far as the walls could see. Lights to light up our little hat making workshop so we can catch every gritty, nitty and smooth detail to ensure handmade perfection. It was beautiful, my dad is a good man


What a great place we have here, and a facilitator it is as well. Pick a career we’ve got them. Yes Hi, I’m Paul I am a hat maker. But today I also had the opportunity to be an electrician. Yesterday I was a hat maker but also a plumber. What a joy it was. I learned about water, and how it will spray you in the face when you’re not looking. Teflon tape, crescent wrenches, water again (this time in the eye) annnnnd…copper. MMMmmm copper. A good metal. So outside of hatter land this shop is also a magical place where you can be anything you want to be…and sometimes have to be. When the water has exploded you have to be a plumber. In conclusion: Yesterday’s favorite tool is the vicegrip. Long live the vice grip, and tall buildings, with tall ceilings.


P.S. today was also a day for my boots to steal the limelight…i forgot my purse.