Post opening wrap up

Sunday, August 31, 2009

Foggy, sun pushing its way through, chances of sneezes.

No coffee today as I am sick. So is Wendy, but what do you expect when you choose to only get 4-6 hours of a sleep a night for a month? Anyway, though we are both sick, we are all [four of us] happy. The Grand Re-Opening was a grand success! A million lovely faces came, family friends, customers, new friends…the list goes on. There was a lot of trying on of hats, a lot of educating the public about hats, a lot of great conversations, consumption of good beverages, listening of good music, and we had a very precious “ceremony” where we were able to thank all that helped us, parents, our lovely lawyer, our brilliant accountant, our visionary business card and web designer, our builders, and the lady who made us our rings!

What rings, you ask. We decided, as we had spent 3 weeks hand making invitations to send to our “closest” 200 family and friends, we got special dresses made to fit, we had a guest book for signing in, we rented champagne flutes and had champagne and wine, and that we are legally bound to each other and the hat shop, that this is as close to a wedding as some of us will ever get! Therefore we got silver rings made, not dainty things either, but hefty ones whose weight reminds us of the importance and responsibility we have towards each other.

Each of us got our favorite hat, or one of them: Abbie got a telescope (or pork pie), Olivia got the bowler, Kirsten the top hat, and Wendy the fedora. On the band is inscribed, Paul’s Hat Works, and on one side of the underside of the brim our initials are inscribed: AWOK, in that order because when we thought about committing to each other for life our response was “Aw, ok.” Abbie, Wendy, Olivia, Kirsten. And on the other side of the brim is the date of our opening, 8.29.09. Pictures to come soon.

All in all it was the most memorable day  of my life, thank you all for coming and for your support, and you better be coming on down to Paul’s to find something becoming!

Our hours are: Tues-Sunday, 11am – 7pm (not open Mondays)

Olivia, Kirsten, wendy, & Abbie

Olivia, Kirsten, wendy, & Abbie

Beautiful view of our shop from the top

Beautiful view of our shop from the top

~ Paul