Momma Bear and Big Hawk-eye

My parents are here!!!  They arrived this morning from Virginia to find San Francisco shockingly hot!  Well, in my parent’s opinion, it’s just warm, but to Olivia and me, it’s HOT!  Anyway, after Olivia and I subjected them to 2 hours of running errands, we took them to Joe’s (our favorite and ONLY diner we eat at, located next to the hat shop).  Joe and Becky, the lovely folks that run the joint met my adorable parents and fed us delicious coffee… I mean breakfast.

THEN… MY DAD BOUGHT A HAT!!!  The hat he’s beautifully displaying in the pictures below now belongs to him.  He’s so excited!  He looks good in most hats, but of course, he looks GREAT in our hat.

We’re opening tomorrow, which means we have several hundred last minute things to do.  Overall I would say we are doing well as a group and we are looking forward to seeing all of you lovely people here tomorrow!  Cheers!

Photo 29 Photo 30