hardware and queens

August 25, 2009

6:57pm, coffee number 1 (of the evening)

Today I concluded that I’ve bought almost one of everything next door from the hardware store through out our fix-it-up process.  My most recent purchase 8 bolts at 35 cents, 8 washers at 11 cents, 8 nuts at 11 cents. I’m not sure if they take me seriously anymore over there as I pretend to know my hardware. I am consistently inventing new uses for old time parts, asking the hardware boys and girls to tell me I’m right. Usually they just follow me around the store saying…..what now? “Well what if I stuck this in this and screwed it into this and wound one of these around it…that would work right?” They don’t believe me, usually my haphazard solution works. If not, I’m back into the store five minutes later looking for something that probably doesn’t exist. Last night a friend and i turned a baby crib into a tasteful artsy railing. Hurrah!


Aside from tools, a newer addiction of mine is queens. Yes drag queens, not the queen of england, but more specifically queens from decks of cards. I’ve started collecting them and it turns out they’re hard to find. Can you help me? Do you have any extra queens, or atleast a few to spare? I like snail mail. Mail me your queens!

Collect all four



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