The News Is In, the Hat is Back!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Foggy, chances of hats


Amidst frantic hat making, hanging pictures, organizing the shop, and preparing for our events, there’s still time to stay updated on hat news! On the 14 of August, this lovely article came out in the Wall Street Journal, which is an official enough source clearly stating that the Hat is Back! Check it out….

Other good hat news, the editor of The Hat Life, basically the hatter’s bible, contacted us and is going to put us in their newsletter and in the 2010 edition! Very exciting.

Also, not only are we having our hat show on Friday, called Burning for hats, which is at the Box Factory (21st and Florida) from 7-10, bar, djs, several local hatters and milliners showcasing their work, but Million Fishes, a Mission arts collective, invited us to be part of their trunk show on Thursday! From 6-11, it’s going to be really fun, and hopefully we’ll meet some more hat lovers!

On news of the shop and the opening, oh my, it’s getting crazy! Wendy and I decided we don’t need more than 4 hours of sleep for the next 12 days, for after sending out over 200 invitations we’re thinking a lot of people are going to come! Which will be fun. Frantically working on lots of hats, renting champagne flutes, advertising our events, remembering to eat, and drinking lots of coffee.

Signing off for now, stay tuned,

~ Paul