I love my family! Yesterday my nine year-old twin cousins visited me at the shop.  We spent the day trying on different hats and digging through boxes with more miniature hat boxes and worked on getting the front of the shop ready for our opening day. We had so much fun.  Desi even answered the phone (prompted by me) and informed them of our opening.  What a fun filled day!


Speaking of families, my parents are the only ones that do not live in California.  They live 2816.56 miles away! Thanks to a dollar-a-day saving fund and my responsible accounting skills, I am able to fly both of them here for the opening weekend.  Now, of course I won’t have ANY time to hang out with them, but we are all really excited that they can come see us.

Here’s a story to acquaint you with my mom a little more:  She called me yesterday to leave me a frantically excited voicemail.  It went like this: “Wendy! Guess what: I went to the doctor today and I’m 5 feet and 5 inches tall! Call me back; I’m really excited!!”  So, all our lives we have lived with the knowledge that my mom is 5 feet and 4 inches tall.  She grew an inch!  She is ecstatic.  She even made the nurse measure her twice, and then spent her afternoon calling everyone in the family to spread the word.  How precious!