What’s your breaking point?

05 August 2009

Let me tell you about our version of “do it yourself” tactics… Not only must we hand- make everything, we are also perfectionists.  Here we are at 3:31 a.m. creating (incredibly charming) invitations to our grand re-opening.  Not too long ago we tallied how many steps go into each invitation.  Twenty-five.  That’s right, each hand-made invite has 25 different meticulous steps involved.  Multiply that by the 100 people we have on our guest list and that comes out to a whopping 2500 steps!  Which, by the way, if you want to be included on the list, please send your mailing address to howdy@hatworksbypaul.com


Anyway, that’s not even what I’m here to say.   I’m here to say that with the aforementioned information, we have begun to notice our different breaking points of exhaustion.  Abbie literally loses the ability to see, hear, or speak.  Sincerely.  Miss Kirsten becomes grumpy in a way that inspires her to over-enunciate the letter ‘t’ in her words, especially in the words ‘upset’ and ‘what?!’  Olivia falls asleep wherever she is, doing whatever project she is in the middle of… velcro, a pile of tools, you name it, she’ll sleep in it.  Wendy finds an 86th gust of energy, becomes over zealous and has to run around to utilize all of the energy she has mustered up from some unknown source.  Her incredible spike in energy levels means that very soon she will come crashing down.  Olivia is nodding off at the sewing machine as we speak…


Your job to help us work 26 hours in a day:  bring us sugar-filled cereals and kisses.



3:42 a.m.

pieces to complete the perfect invitation

pieces to complete the perfect invitation