Wendy Went Fabric Shopping For the First Time!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

I brought Wendy to the fabric store to look for fabric for her dress for the opening, and curtains for the other loft, and pillows for our break bed and bench. We drove to the mission to go to Fabric Outlet because there was supposed to be a big sale this weekend, it took 25 minutes and a 6 point turn to park the van, and then it ended up being closed. Wendy and I were bummed until we saw the ice cream guys on the street. Wendy walked away with a strawberry ice cream waffle cone and me an ice cream sandwich. What would you have gotten?

We ended up then going to Discount Fabric’s warehouse on Howard, where there is tons of parking, and it ended up being great because we found the perfect combo for Wendy’s opening dress. We were also shopping for Abbie’s outfit fabric, she wanted a “tweed” for skirt, essentially a rug. We decided to go with a shiny golden striped material instead of a rug, a little more form fitting. We found a basic nice textured green for more curtains, and some very fun lime green striped fabric, very Alice in Wonderland/Tim Burton, for our break bed and curtains and pillows in the loft. 

We also blocked telescope hats. Look ’em up, they’re gorgeous…We will post pictures later, anyone got a crappy digi camera they don’t want? Drop us a line…

Abbie wants to say that there’s an ordinance in San Francisco that says you can’t use power tools on Sunday, she thought it was Monday, and a “friendly” neighbor reminded her while she was finishing the bench. 


~ Paul