The Definition of Dumpster Diving

Monday, August 3, 2009

To tag on to the previous post, I am going to give an example of our methods for accumulating things. A little analysis if I may. Here are the three contributing factors to the accumulation process:

1. We never throw things away, partially because we don’t want to contribute to landfill, but we also get really “attached” to things.

2. People just give us stuff. They will do “spring cleaning” and drop bags of stuff off at our house. Most of the time it’s crap, but sometimes some good treasures.

3. Street cleaning: we get stuff off the street, or from dumpsters.

Per example: Last night at midnight when Wendy, Abbie, and I were on our way home, we passed by a house a block a way being foreclosed, there was tons of furniture in front of it, and a huge twelve foot dumpster. Wendy normally doesn’t condone this behavior, but we did stop to examine the furniture. We decided we liked this small cabinet with this beautiful carved front, Abbie decided she needed 2 sets of bed frames, 3 speakers, and 3 carved posts.

Next, we convinced her, she didn’t need much convincing, to climb the ladder of the dumpster and peak inside. She does so, then we watch as she leans over the edge and is teetering on the side of the dumpster! We gasp, and point out that she’s likely to fall in, she laughs, but then we heard a shriek because her hat, which happens to be a very nice black fedora we inherited with the shop, fell in! Clearly she had no choice but to go in after it. So at this point Abbie is in the dumpster, and Wendy and I are on the street, peering around making sure nobody is going to walk by and spy our goings on…..

Then, all of a sudden, an article of clothing gets tossed out of the dumpster and floats down to our feet. It was a gorgeous vintage seventies blouse! For the next ten minutes, clothing kept coming out like popcorn, and Wendy and I are running back and forth catching it and squealing with delight, for each article is a precious vintage item, of a certain quality that we love and are looking to wear during store hours! Other things that came over the side of the dumpster include but are not limited to: more posts, a broken suitcase, and a strange shelf on wheels that almost looks like a walker.

Watch out folks, Abbie Diving Dwelle has now given a new meaning to Dumpster Diving. And now we have another van load of stuff. Oh well….

When Wendy was questioning why we have so much stuff (as in previous post) to a visiting friend, he turned around and said “Maybe it’s because you dive into twelve foot dumpsters in the middle of the night and take everything!”

C’est la vie,

~ Paul