Our Blog, & Our First Sale!

August 1, 2009 

We finally have a hat shop journal! We will be updating this blog daily, because as it turns out, owning a hat shop is way more exciting than we could ever have imagined. Every day something interesting happens, sometimes bad, most times good, and always new. Basement discoveries, ancient treasures tucked in drawers, fascinating customers, and of course, the ups and downs of four young ladies. 

Today, three extremely exciting things happened that I must tell you about:

1) We received our new steamer (that we ordered off ebay, which is always scary in case it doesn’t work…)

2) We received our straw for our creative seasonal line, and it’s beautiful!

3) We sold our first hat! 


The new steamer is amazing, it works much more efficiently than than the stand up clothing steamer we were temporarily using. Everything is faster, and more effective.

2. We blocked our first run with the new straw! Fedorable! It was really satisfying, and even more so to see 8 lovely little hats lined up on our shelf drying overnight! 

3. Our first customer is a extremely lovely gentleman who knows Michael (the previous owner), but has never owned a Paul’s hat. We get a check in the mail very soon, rolling in the dough (soon). 

More to come!